Founded in 2002, Turkey’s most important industrial centers in Adana, one of Adana Textile Ind. A.S. With its modern approach, superior technical equipment and expert team, it has succeeded to become one of the leading companies in the sector.

Founded in 2002, Adana Mensucat Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. It produces yarn with state-of-the-art Ring, Compact Ring, Vortex and Open-end machines in its facilities with a closed area of ​​42.729 m², built on 60.25 decares of land in Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone.

Adana Mensucat, which has increased its production capacity and renewed its technology over the years, processes raw materials of cotton, viscose, modal viscose, EV Viscose, polyester and recycle polyester for all kinds of knit (tricot) and woven fabric. 100% viscose, 100% polyester, 100% compact combed cotton, polyester / viscose, cotton / polyester, combed / modal and blended melange yarns with lycra-lycra and folding twist options.

Adana Mensucat, which produces yarn between 8 NE and 40 NE with 420 employees and an annual capacity of 18,000 tons (50 tons / day), carries out customer-oriented, timely, innovative production and shipment. Our company, which manufactures with an innovative and sustainable understanding, keeps all stages of the production process under control with Uster test devices in its own test laboratory with the latest technology machines and devices and teamwork of qualified and trained personnel in order to obtain high quality products.

“Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)”, which guarantees production in organic textile standards from raw material harvest to labeling with environmental and social responsibility harmony, “Recycled Claim Standard (RCS)”, which is used as a chain of custody standard to monitor recycled raw materials throughout the supply chain, and The Global Recycle Standard (GRS), an international, voluntary full product standard that sets the requirements for third-party certification of recycled contents, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions, aims to minimize harms for human ecology, sustainable production in the supply chain, and Having OEKO-TEX certificates, which is a globally proven product standard for raw materials, intermediate products and end consumer products production and accessories at the same time, our company aims to meet customer demands and environmental and social expectations of the end consumer. It respects the values ​​of the society with corrective and preventive occupational health and safety measures by making risk analyzes in accordance with all legal regulations and acts in cooperation with all segments with which it is related.


Our goal is to carry interaction and ethical values to the future, to reach the top in line with the principles of sustainable use of resources in meeting human needs and environmental awareness, high quality, cost-effective and safe production.


With the effort and awareness of doing the best, it is to reach the desire of being the most admired and preferred organization of the customers with the most respected brand of the country’s economy in the sector.



The history of Kayalar Group, which also includes Adana Mensucat San.Tic.A.Ş., in the textile sector, is based on the production of coats and coats in a 16 m2 store by Kayalar Giyim Konfeksiyon in 1965.

Kayalar Textile Confection Plastic Amb.İth.İhr.San.ve Tic.Ltd.Şti .;

İncirlik Blv. No: 354 Yüreğir / Adana, it continues its activities in the production and trade of coats and coats with the brand “bigazzi” in a closed area of ​​25.000 m².

In the plastic packaging industry, Acıdere OSB Mah. Vatan Cad. No: 8 Sarıçam / Adana, it continues its activities in the production and trade of pet preforms, lids, handles, plastic bottles for food, cleaning and chemical products in a closed area of ​​5.000 m².

Marka Su ve Aquaculture Industry and Trade Ltd. Şti .;

It has been operating in the field of packaged water production and commercial activities since 2013 in the natural spring water facilities located in the Kızıldağ region of the Karaisalı district of Adana with the brand of Wave Su.

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