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The yarns produced by our textile group and the services offered have for many years been synonymous with absolute quality. We have an organizational structure built on a high level of industry expertise, flexible working approach towards customers, strict internal quality control and strong values.

We always apply very strict quality standards on all of our products. Our skilled employees with excellent technical training are involved every day in the development and production of our yarns. In addition, an expert team constantly tests the product quality in a modern laboratory.

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Only Best Quality.

We try to help our customers by supplying the highest quality yarns according to their demands, within the correct deadline.


Balance Everywhere.

We take a proactive approach to create, respect and maintain a healthy work / life balance for our own lifes and employees.


We Promise.

We respect all products, services and other initiatives that touch lives and make difference inside and outside our company and our workflow.



We know and deeply believe that our actions, decisions and policies will have some consequences and results and we all accept responsibility.


Safety First.

We strive to ensure the health and safety of employees and to provide an accident-free workplace by going beyond legal requirements.