Customer Oriented.

At the heart of our business, we believe in the true value of partnerships. Our friendly and experienced team works with our customers to provide them with the best materials and services available.


Wide Product Range.

Our yarns are preferred by distinguished manufacturers using the most up-to-date technologies. Consistency in quality is guaranteed thanks to solid collaborations with the most important suppliers in the industry.



We are proud to contribute to a sustainable future for the textile industry and entire human life. Our corporate culture dedicated to sustainability is always based on productivity, design and continuous innovation.

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The yarns produced by our textile group and the services offered have for many years been synonymous with absolute quality. We have an organizational structure built on a high level of industry expertise, flexible working approach towards customers, strict internal quality control and strong values.

We always apply very strict quality standards on all of our products. Our skilled employees with excellent technical training are involved every day in the development and production of our yarns. In addition, a team of experts constantly tests the product quality in a modern laboratory.

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In textile industry, development and innovation promotes creativity. Our R&D team constantly monitors new developments and searches for new markets and collaboration opportunities that match our current strategy and know-how.

The result is a wide range of products that can meet the customer’s individual requirements. We produce all kinds of yarns for upholstery, curtains, decorative fabrics, carpets, bedding, narrow fabrics, ornaments, denim and apparel, home and bathroom textiles or technical textiles.

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We believe we need to act now for a better world, and that’s why we constantly integrate sustainability into our daily processes, raw material purchases and supplier selection.

Continuous investment in modern machinery allows us to produce in an ecological and energy efficient manner with integrated waste management systems. We save thousands of liters of water with the saving methods we apply carefully. Adana Mensucat has Oeko-Tex® and other global organic textile standards certificates.

Adana Mensucat by Numbers

Yarn Types
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